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For a professional magician, a stack of playing cards is as good as a stack of money.

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Welcome to online Casino reviews! When it comes time to choose an online casino, money, visual experience and variety will be at the heart of your criteria.But how to choose the best options, while ensuring that you run into a safe casino and where your investments will be most fruitful? Give us the opportunity to let you know and help you choose the best online casino!We are a team of casino enthusiasts and online games. We have an accurate list of newest online casinos in 2020 to help you make an informed choice on the one that will bring you the most fun !


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The selection criteria for the new online casinos of 2020
We check all New casinos in the Philippinesby playing on their casino to check the attractiveness of the games and the quality of the site, the were invited to send us their professional charter - and there we check their deposit and withdrawal methods, the reliability of the site and the security of transactions, the quality of customer service and the speed of the chat and other technical data that ensure the player all the comfort and pleasure he is entitled to demand. Registration on a new online casino: speed, simplicity and confidence
The first step when we play online casino is registration - a step a priori insignificant but no less revealing of the quality of the new casino site...Indeed, the clearer the registration form and the faster the procedure, the more it testifies to the efforts of the site and makes us want to continue on this site.In addition, the selected casino will necessarily have given guarantees of security and confidentiality of data. We do not want to risk our personal details being hacked or sold to third parties.Therefore, all the casinos - new and old-online that we advise you on this portal are perfectly safe at this level.
Deposits on new casinos celebration
Filing is the crucial phase of registration and online gambling. No one wants to spend two hours to deposit 50 Euros. Not to mention the fear of seeing our credit card hacked. The casinos recommended for 2018 all have fast and efficient payment methods but most importantly, they all guarantee the highest security for your banking data through high-performance data encryption software. In a few minutes, you will have made your deposit by Credit Card, PayPal, Neteller or other means of payment.Payment and withdrawal of winnings on a new online casino
The other of the fundamental criteria for qualifying an online casino as good or bad is the speed and ease with which it pays out fund withdrawals and winnings.Indeed, on too many casinos it is extremely easy to make a deposit, but withdrawing your winnings is a real path of the fighter.On our site you will find only casinos that process your withdrawal requests in record time (a few days) and will credit you without loss of time and problems.
Quality of software and games
The online gambling market is full of gambling software. The new casinos on this list are those that offered the best gaming software with the best design quality, on which we did not encounter any bugs and on which the gaming experience was the easiest and most enjoyable.In addition, on these casinos you will find a wide variety of games. Whether for roulette where you can test all possible types of casters (live dealer, French, American...) or whether for slot machines (Live, 3D, 5-line or 10, 15 or 25...), or for all other games. We have selected for you the 2018 casinos that will offer you the widest range of casino games. Customer Service on new casinos 2020
Of course, playing online casino often requires having to call customer service for example, to ask for explanations about a withdrawal, or an incentive bonus…The 2020 online casinos we have chosen all feature fast and efficient customer service to meet our expectations.New casino bonuses
We have studied the offers of each and have selected for you the new casinos that offer the biggest bonuses and the best promotional offers.

If you are preparing to play at the casino for the first time, the question does not arise : all online casinos will be new to you... that's why, anyway, you will find on this portal only the best online gaming sites-recent or new, all are tested regularly by our team, so choose the casino that seems to you the most pleasant or better, try them all!If you are a confirmed player, you will be delighted to discover new opportunities to play and win on these new sites. Especially as you know well, seasoned player, that it is absolutely necessary to change regularly casino to prevent the algorithms of the games to spot your small strategies and outplay them ! By the way, when it comes to strategy to play online, this article full of good tips tells you a lot...Even if you have a favorite casino that you are satisfied with and enjoy playing, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the new online casinos that often have undeniable attractions.First of all, new casinos often have a fresh and attractive design... it's refreshing to change scenery! In addition, the games they offer are often top quality and state-of-the-art. Thus, you will find more easily 3D slot machines to the plot, but also to the original soundtrack on new online casinos than on old ones.Moreover, as the new casinos are eager to attract customers, they always offer great welcome and inauguration bonuses - not taking advantage of them would be unworthy of a real online player! Not to mention the no deposit bonuses of 2020, those that allow you to play for free on simple registration!Finally, with a focus on their brand image and reputation, and sometimes even a license, new online casinos will often guarantee excellent services - simplicity of registration, quality of customer service, or security and speed of transactions and withdrawals of winnings. But above all, in their early days, in order to retain players, these newcomers to the online gaming market will undoubtedly allow easier and more substantial gains. If this is not a valid argument to test the new casinos of 2020, then here I resign!